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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions. Our team of experts is committed to delivering high-impact solutions that boost your business, bring innovation, and give you a competitive edge.

Our AI and ML Solutions

Chatbots and Conversational AI

We create and deploy chatbots and artificial intelligence systems that are capable of conducting conversations with people or other systems. They automate communication and information processing, thereby eliminating the risks of misinterpretation and streamlining processes within the company.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We develop NLP solutions for text recognition and processing, information extraction, programmatic analysis of intent and emotional tone in text, and automatic translation of words. In this way, we can optimize any business or workflow process.

Computer Vision

We develop systems that allow computers to analyze and process visual data from real-world images and video footage. Our technology solutions can be used for object recognition, facial and gesture recognition, for machine vision, autonomous vehicles, and robots.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

We can process vast amounts of data, extract the most crucial information for the company's decision-making, improve business strategy development, enhance product development, and increase competitiveness. We can provide businesses with better insights into their customers, market, and overall trends.

Recommendation systems

We develop systems through which, as a company, you can better understand the needs and preferences of your customers and adjust your products, services, and content to make them more appealing. This leads to increased customer loyalty, better retention of existing customers, and an overall improved relationship with them.

Voice and Speech Recognition

We design solutions for voice and speech recognition to streamline, simplify, and accelerate communication. This may include automated customer calls, voice command recognition for device control, or speech-to-text transcription.

Predictive and User Behavior Analytics

Through these analyses, we can predict future trends and the behavior of your customers. Based on this data, you can, for example, create more efficient targeted marketing campaigns, optimize your product and service offerings, better understand your customers, and tailor all your activities accordingly.

Robotic Process Automation

We develop software robots that help businesses automate repetitive and manual tasks. This allows you to increase the efficiency of your processes, save a lot of time and costs, and minimize errors. These robots can be utilized in all areas, from financial services and healthcare to insurance, manufacturing, and logistics.

Helping You at Every Stage of Your AI Journey


The client tells us their idea of how they would like to utilize AI.


From the first step, we consult and analyze everything with them, including their already collected data.


We propose an AI solution based on their needs and using real data.


We explain the functioning of the solution and its benefits to them.


We develop, deliver, and continuously work with data to improve it.

Selected AI Projects

A Potential of Neural Networks in NFT Marker Recognition in AR Apps (PoC)

A Potential of Neural Networks in NFT Marker Recognition in AR Apps (PoC)

The primary objective of this project was to explore the potential of neural networks in simulating ARToolKit's functionalities, specifically for NFT marker recognition in augmented reality applications on mobile devices.

Private Chatbot by Touch4IT

Private Mattermost Chatbot

We have developed our internal private chatbot (similar to ChatGPT). It can be used for communication through the Mattermost tool, for processing text and text files, from which it can extract information and forward it.

Our Tech Expertise

AI/Machine Learning
Neural Networks (ANN, CNN, RNN)
Computer Vision
Deep Learning
Data Mining
Data Preprocessing
Data Visualization
Supervised Learning
Model Evaluation Metrics
Pytorch Basics
Reinforcement Learning
Evolutionary Algorithms
Fuzzy Systems
Prompt Engineering
Embedding, NLP and Tokenization
Peter - Touch4IT - AI Specialist

Meet Our AI Expert
& Leader of Our Data Science/AI/ML team


Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the business landscape by automating complex processes and delivering insights from data that were previously unattainable. From enhancing decision-making to driving efficiency in supply chains, AI is not just an optional upgrade but a foundational element for businesses seeking to innovate and maintain relevance in an ever-evolving marketplace.

The integration of AI into business ecosystems streamlines operations and creates opportunities for growth and innovation. Companies benefit from increased efficiency, reduced operational costs, and the ability to leverage data for strategic decision-making. AI also enables businesses to offer personalized customer experiences, setting a new standard in consumer engagement.

AI is redefining business processes with solutions that span from operational automation to advanced predictive systems. Large language models, in particular, are a standout, enhancing communication with customers through natural language processing and automating content creation that resonates with audiences. Additionally, AI-driven analytics platforms are providing businesses with unprecedented forecasting accuracy and insights, while process automation tools are drastically increasing efficiency and reducing error rates. These innovations are streamlining business operations in ways that were once unimaginable.

The costs of an AI project depend on various factors, such as the overall complexity of the project, the scope of work, the type of AI technology being developed, the quantity and quality of available data, and the resources at hand. However, in general, one should expect that it is a larger project that requires investment in order to create a high-quality AI solution that will bring real added value to the company and assist with critical matters.

It is very challenging to determine it without having a deeper insight into the project, the client's vision, their budget, and so on. Just like with the costs of an AI solution, estimating the timeframe depends on various factors (project complexity, scope, data availability, specific AI technology, etc.). However, at the beginning, you will always have a conversation with our AI expert, go through your expectations and ideas, and during the initial discussions, you can set an estimated assumption together.

Let's Talk About Your AI/ML Project

Do you have any ideas for AI solutions for your company, or would you like to discuss the possibilities in AI/ML with us? Get in touch with us.

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