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Meet Our Team Leader

Peter - Touch4IT - AI Specialist

Peter Takáč

Peter Takáč is the leader of our Data Science/AI/ML team, an expert in the field of artificial intelligence with rich experience in multiple areas. During his studies, he specialized in chatbots, neural networks, fuzzy systems, computer vision, and robotics. He focuses on working with data, developing software components, real-time data processing, and emotion recognition through computer vision.

Lector at our Touch4IT Academy

As part of our own educational project called 'Touch4IT Academy,' we organize several diverse courses focused on education, sharing our extensive experience, and nurturing the developer community. One of the recent courses is the 'Artificial Intelligence' course, where Peter serves as the lecturer, instructing participants in various technical subjects and sharing many of his practical experiences.

His Tech Stack

He speaks several programming languages, including .NET, Python, and C++.

Peter - Tech Stack - Logos
Peter - Tech Stack - Logos
Peter - Tech Stack - Logos

Peter in Our Touch4Talks

Peter explains the benefits, risks, and common misconceptions of using GPT models.

Broader Scope of Expertise and Experience

Peter also has experience in various industries, including vehicle dynamics, behavioral psychology, sports and healthcare, industry 4.0, entertainment and advertising, high-precision measurements, and robotics.

Artificial Neural Networks
Fuzzy Systems
Evolutionary Algorithms
Computer Vision
Data Mining
Data Research

His Academic Background

Peter graduated from the Technical University of Košice

  • During his bachelor's studies, he majored in 'Intelligent Systems,' focusing on areas such as chatbots, neural networks, natural language processing, and robotics
  • In his master's studies, he specialized in 'Artificial Intelligence,' concentrating on computer vision, neural networks, fuzzy systems, cloud computing, and high-performance computing. 
  • For his Ph.D., he pursued the field of 'Intelligent Systems' and began his doctoral thesis on the topic of 'Emotion recognition for social robotics, affective loop, and communicational atmosphere evaluation’.

Would you like to talk to Peter about the possibilities of AI and ML technology for your company? Get in touch with us.

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