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Data Analytics, and Data Visualization for Informed Decisions and Business Growth

With our Business Intelligence expertise, we help you consolidate your data, enabling you to make informed decisions, enhance work productivity, and achieve business goals faster.

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Every number can have meaning and use. If, as a company, you collect and store various numerical data and statistics and have a multitude of documents from which you would like to extract the maximum value, we can help you. Through data analysis and overall business intelligence processes, we will help you understand your data, analyze it, and process it into meaningful reports.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technological process that involves collecting, processing, analyzing, presenting, and storing data for optimal reporting. This enables your company to understand your performance better, identify industry trends, optimize company operations, and strategically plan for future development.

Why Work With Us?

For over 10 years, we have specialized in software development and UX/UI design, actively researching the latest technologies for digital products. Our team includes experts in Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence. We have completed business intelligence projects for clients such as WELL PACK (transport and logistics), and ATB (aerospace), and are working on other business intelligence projects. We are ISO certified, ensuring top quality and regular audits of our management and processes.

ISO Certified - Touch4IT
Clutch Highly Rated - Touch4IT

Try Our Free, No-Obligation BI Consultation

How it will proceed:

  • Initial introduction
  • You tell us about the problems/challenges in your business 
  • You show us the data you currently have and want to work with 

Disclaimer: You don't need to send us any of your data, and we can sign an NDA if necessary.

What you can expect:

  • You will speak directly with our BI expert
  • We will evaluate your current data and assess data sources
  • You will receive expert insights and recommendations to optimize strategies and operations, and improve decision-making in your business

Is your answer to at least one of these questions "yes"? Then BI is the solution for you.

Business intelligence solutions centralize and integrate data from multiple sources, providing a unified view for analysis and decision-making.

Business intelligence solutions efficiently manage and organize large volumes of data, ensuring scalability and seamless data integration to support your company's growth.

Business intelligence analytics identify operational bottlenecks and inefficiencies, enabling targeted improvements.

Business intelligence systems automate data processes, reducing human errors and improving data accuracy.

Business intelligence enables data-driven innovation and digital transformation by providing insights into emerging trends and opportunities.

Business intelligence solutions transform basic reporting tools into advanced, interactive dashboards and comprehensive analytics platforms, providing deeper insights and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Business intelligence solutions streamline daily managerial decision-making by providing real-time data insights and intuitive visualizations, enabling faster and more informed decisions.

How Our BI Process Benefits You

At the very beginning - as a preliminary step - there is an initial consultation with our expert, where we discuss your business and identify the problem.


Implementing ETL: Setting up data collection in one place and automating its collection in a data warehouse


Data management: Processing, analyzing, and interpreting the collected relevant data


Defining relationships between data and organizing them systematically within the data warehouse


Creating BI reports with PowerBI for retrospective analysis, enabling informed decision-making


Designing dashboards that track KPIs and metrics, fully customized for departmental interests


Implementing algorithms and predictive analytics to forecast future trends and make faster decisions

Elevate Your Data Strategy with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Why is BI important before AI?

  • You will have a clear understanding of data and reports with some initial predictions, which serve as an excellent foundation for AI.
  • Transitioning from BI reports to AI for advanced predictions and automated processes is easy and efficient.
  • AI can then be used to provide predictive insights beyond traditional BI.
  • AI is a great solution for the next step in tackling complex analyses and predictions.
  • Integrating AI is also suitable for better decision-making and customer-focused outputs.

Our BI Tech Stack

We have chosen a single fixed-tech stack composed of stable and cutting-edge technologies. This allows us to deliver BI solutions to you very quickly and at a high level of quality.

Databricks - Business intelligence tool - Touch4IT
PowerBI - Business intelligence tool - Touch4IT

Our Main BI Specialists

Peter Takac - Business Intelligence R&D Team Leader - at Touch4IT

Peter Takac BI

Business Intelligence R&D Team Leader
Lukas Lani - Business Intelligence Project Manager - Touch4IT

Lukas Lani BI

Business Intelligence Project Manager
Lenka Rabcanova - Business Intelligence Pre-sales Consultant - Touch4IT

Lenka Rabcanova BI

Business Intelligence Pre-sales Consultant

Let’s Talk About Your BI Project

If you are interested in a consultation with us, please fill out this short form. Include your preferred dates in the message. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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