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Client's story

We have modernized the highest range of dental chairs for a global supplier

The globally active Diplomat Dental - a Slovak manufacturer of dental chairs, has addressed us with a request to develop software for dental unit control. The application was meant to replace the original control panel and offer new and innovative functions, unifying the controls for doctors and thus making their everyday work easier.

We examined all the requirements that the software must meet to make the right choice between a cross-platform approach for development and native development. Finally, we decided to use a native application with the intention of minimizing the amount of duplicate code and benefit from the technologies in places where they are strong. The core of the architecture is a library written in the Rust programming language, which provides high speed, secure memory management and more flexibility for the future.


Diplomat dental


The programmed library in Rust manages the entire custom protocol between the dental unit and the application, i.e. it controls their entire communication. In addition, the developed software also communicates with the admin interface and is synchronized with the client’s internal information system (ERP).

We created an application for the client with a high-quality software architecture, through which dentists can not only control a complete dental unit, but also set its micromotors, configure its parameters, set the functions of the foot controller and save the preferences of individual patients.

What our client say

The regular meetings and consultations with the Touch4IT team were definitely worth it! Thanks to them, together we have created an innovative software that is unrivalled in the field of stomatology.

Diplomat Dental Tomas Nerad
Tomas Nerad CEO at Diplomat Dental
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