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Space Software for the Satellite Based Augmentation System [SGAT]

SGAT Web Application

SGAT (SBAS Geometry Analysis Tool)

SGAT is SBAS Geometry Analysis Tool, where SBAS stands for a Satellite Based Augmentation System. The application has been developed by our software company Touch4IT, financed by the European Space Agency (ESA) as part of PECS.

Key Features

  • Definition of Satellite Constellations

  • Definition of Ground Stations and User Location

  • Definition of Ionospheric Grid Points

  • Line of Sights

  • DOC Contour Plot Generation

  • Time Control

  • Granularity: Time Rate Up to 1 Second

  • Visualization Details Settings

  • Splitscreen Comparison

  • Ionosphere Geometry Analysis (IPP locations, IGP Performance Metrics)

  • Graphs: View angles, Dilution of Precision Calculations (HDOP, VDOP, TDOP, GDOP, PDOP)

The Advantages of Using SGAT

  • User-oriented, research-based design system
  • Merging multiple tools into one
  • Streamlined user experience
  • Cuts down setup time from days to hours
  • Our own implementation of industry-accepted algorithms
  • Using fast computations, the app is able to create a 24-hour simulation in only 5 minutes

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