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Mobile App for Drug Registration and Price Calculation

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Client's story

We innovate in the field of pharmaco-economics and medicine:

Last year, we started cooperation with Pharm-In, spol. s. r.o., which is a pioneer in drug policy. They approached us with a request for a software solution that would be a useful tool for their partners - experts from different medical fields.

Innovative drug solution

We have developed a native mobile application, allowing immediate access to a comprehensive database of medicines and their detailed information, price and reimbursement data or a price calculator for medicines. Thanks to our solution, the entire process of searching for necessary medicines and studying their data, as well as the process of identifying prices and calculating them, is quicker.

Detailed overview of all medicines with easy navigation

We designed the mobile app design to be intuitive for users and to quickly navigate the amount of data.

What our client say

Maria Bucek Psenkova

Maria Bucek Psenkova

Director at Pharm-In, spol. s.r.o.

Our company is focused on development in applications in the pharma field. Therefore, during the development of our first mobile app Pharm-In Apps we wanted to cooperate only with the best partner. We knew that it would be a unique application that does not have competition in its content and functionality not just in Slovakia, but probably not even in Europe, or globally. This year we have launched the application and we are now sure that we chose the right partner. Touch4IT is a professional and reliable partner, that has designed the UX/UI and together with our IT team has developed a user-friendly and fully functional application for both operating systems.  

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